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Glimpses of God from an exasperated dad

Ok, I had a difficult day…

The eightieth time I reminded Olivia to pick up her toys. The umpteenth time I had to tell the girls to stop arguing about how many My Little Ponys each was sharing (Hattie was upset about how many Olivia had, though according to an impromptu pony census, Hattie’s herd actually numbered greater.) Don’t even get me started about the copious amount of oatmeal that had made it to the kitchen floor under their chairs, practically requiring a pneumatic hammer to chissel clear.


It was close enough to naptime that I sent them to separate rooms… they truly needed the rest & I needed the break.

As the quiet of the house helped lower my blood pressure & my primitive fight/flight response was replaced by more reasonable thought, it made me very aware of how little patience I actually had with my girls… especially when they started behaving like normal 5 & 3yr olds. By extension, it made me extremely appreciative of God’s patience with me, especially when I start behaving like a… well, a normal, flawed human being incapable of living a God-pleasing life apart from His grace.

Where were you?

September 11, 2001… I remember I was pulling into camp, listening to my usual morning radio show. The hosts were bantering back and forth when they suddenly stopped with breaking news out of New York that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. For several minutes, notes of concern were mixed with quips of “how did they not see the building?” when things went silent and they announced the second plane crash, that something was going on, and that they’d stay on the air as long as they could before network news & official communications preempted them.

We had school groups that day. Belaying at the climbing tower, the blue skies were eerily silent as all air traffic was grounded. I imagined it like this when Wisconsin became a state… no contrails, no aircraft sounds, just birds & crickets chirping, breeze blowing…

Social insanity

Have you noticed we seem to post more & more about ourselves online? It's getting a tad over the top…


For the love, if I see another Instagram pic of your sandwich, I'm going to click furiously where the Facebook “Nuke 'em” button should be.


And don't even get me started on the plethora of apps that automatically post status updates across all your social networking accounts. Some people go the extra step and add personal notes to the post that makes it meaningful, but for those of you clogging my feeds with auto-spam, please stop! I don't want to block you, but seriously…


(A bit exaggerated, but not far from reality)


“[YOUR NAME HERE] just pooped a 2 pounder. They're only one deuce away from earning the Golden Dookie Badge!”


“[YOUR NAME HERE] just alerted motorists on I-394 to the guy urinating on the shoulder at mile marker 281. Get it in the App Store!”


What's really awesome is when the app glitches or feedbacks across your accounts (since of course all your accounts are linked) and reposts each one several times… now I can see three pics of your lunch, three poop updates, dude peeing alerts in another state, etc…


Ok, ranting over.


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