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Glimpses of God from an exasperated dad

Ok, I had a difficult day…

The eightieth time I reminded Olivia to pick up her toys. The umpteenth time I had to tell the girls to stop arguing about how many My Little Ponys each was sharing (Hattie was upset about how many Olivia had, though according to an impromptu pony census, Hattie’s herd actually numbered greater.) Don’t even get me started about the copious amount of oatmeal that had made it to the kitchen floor under their chairs, practically requiring a pneumatic hammer to chissel clear.


It was close enough to naptime that I sent them to separate rooms… they truly needed the rest & I needed the break.

As the quiet of the house helped lower my blood pressure & my primitive fight/flight response was replaced by more reasonable thought, it made me very aware of how little patience I actually had with my girls… especially when they started behaving like normal 5 & 3yr olds. By extension, it made me extremely appreciative of God’s patience with me, especially when I start behaving like a… well, a normal, flawed human being incapable of living a God-pleasing life apart from His grace.

Why I run…

Good morning, readers… been over a month since my last post, so I figured it was about time to end this drought. If you haven’t figured it out by my twitter/ Facebook status updates, I’ve been running for over a month. I think it’s sticking this time – enjoy the feelings of accomplishment with each new PR (“Personal Record”… learning the lingo :-)), getting closer to my first 5k event & beginning to realize I may actually be able to do this. I’m even starting to entertain thoughts of going further… 10k, half marathon? Why not?

So, why do I run? I was mulling this over as I approached mile #2 in the rain last night (running gives you lots of time to think.) Here’s what I came up with:

(1) Personal health. I want to be around for a while. I want to actively play with my girls as they grow up, walk them down the isle on their wedding day, play with my grandchildren. I feel good when I run. Plus, some of you may be familiar with my family health history. To borrow from Dave Ramsey, Jen & I want to change our “family tree” in this area. I love the fact that regular exercise is a normal part of our everyday lives.

(2) Personal accomplishment. “Whoa, wait a minute. don’t you bike?,” you may ask. Painful honesty moment – in actuality, I’m probably closer to being a “poser” cyclist. Sure, I’ll hop on my road bike & pound out a 45mi ride, but I didn’t really train for it… and my body protests for days afterward because of the abuse I subject it to. There’s no coasting in running, you either move or you stop. To do this, I had to start at square one, and I’ve had to kick & claw for each milestone. It’s actually those achievements that have spurred me to keep going.

(3) Inspire others. There’s no bragging here, no “check my twitter feed for last night’s run stats [‘cuz I’m AWESOME]” intent. Social media makes my running “public” and adds to the accountability. Not so easy to drop off the radar just because it’s “hard.” People comment because I’m running, pretty sure they’ll comment if I stop. Don’t want to see my stats? Block my status updates, unfollow me, etc. You won’t hurt my feelings because I’m not doing this for fame & glory. First & foremost, I’m doing this for myself & my family. For others, I hope my running updates simply show that a 43 year old sedentary guy with 40-50lbs to lose can actually do something like this. Only four weeks ago, as I was chugging & gasping during 90 second running intervals, the thought of running several minutes was crazy to me. Tomorrow night’s longest run interval is 9 minutes, and in 3 weeks I’ll be running my first 5k. That’s crazy… BRING IT!

DAVE RUNNING FUN FACT #1 – You may notice my run posts are almost exclusively made at night. Nike+ refers to me as a “Night Owl.” This is intentional, because it’s colder at night (I am preparing for a winter series, afterall), helps me unwind at the end of the day, but was originally chosen because it was harder for others to see me gasping, snorting, and struggling during those early weeks. 🙂



My baby girl's first day of kindergarten. Jen and I are already racking up parent points… we knew we were in the wrong place when Olivia's teacher started her class, we looked around and realized we were the only parents still in the room.

Oops. We'll be leaving now…

I know an endless stream of dads have been in my shoes, so my experience is far from unique. It'd be easy to worry… will she make friends, will she be teased, are the adults surrounding her trustworthy? The list is practically endless. I want to be there for my girl. I want to share in her new experiences, as well as protect her from harm.

With tears in my eyes, it's hard to articulate how precious she is to me. I'd do anything to shield this little one who hugs me tight and whispers, “I love you, daddy.”

As much as I'd like to, I know realistically that I can't. Over the course of her life, it's impossible for me to spare her from every illness & injury, every family crisis, every bully, every careless driver, etc. Last night, stroking Olivia's hair as she slept, I asked God to watch over my little girl. I know He loves her, delights in her more than I'm capable of understanding.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT

Have a great day at school, sweetie. Your daddy loves you so much!


12 years with my best friend

This weekend, Jen and I shared our 12th wedding anniversary. Cleaning a drawer today, I came across a handwritten list I wrote in preparation for one of our premarital counseling sessions.

“Why I love Jen”

  1. She accepts me for who I am
  2. She respects me, my opinions, decisions, thoughts
  3. We have a similar sense of humor – we can really make each other laugh
  4. We communicate well – we can talk & know we are being listened to
  5. I love that she gets along with my family
  6. I love her family
  7. The way she looks at me, her smile, eyes
  8. We share similar interests
  9. She shares and supports me in the ministry God's called me to
  10. She's beautiful
  11. She's thoughtful – phone messages, post-it notes
  12. We respect each other physically. Both of us are committed to keeping our relationship pure, making it much easier.

I love you, my sweet!

Happy Birthday, Hattie!

Unbelievable! Our little fuzz top is three years old! Seriously, she seems to have gone suddenly from this little baby who got larger & grew more hair slowly, almost imperceptibly… then WHAM! She's talking, telling jokes, coming into her own quirky person. I'm such a blessed daddy! Love you, my little foo foo!


Gotta love the cool hospital hat!



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