Not gonna apologize…

IMG_5964Ok, my dedication to my personal blog has been, putting it politely… waning? I had to grin a bit as I titled this post. Little bit of “Dave Trivia”… While in 3rd grade, I came in 3rd place in the Oconomowoc School District spelling bee. The word that nixed my aspirations to be a true brainiac? Apologize (I spelled it with two p’s.)

Life has just been busy. I’ve been sinking more time into my professional blog,, so if I’m absent from here, check out my alter-site.

Spring is here… for a few days, at least. Gonna be almost 70 degrees tomorrow, so I have to take the motorcycle out before the temps drop later this week. I rode it up and down our street a few times before returning it to the garage.

Hiring staff for my summer team is going well. Out of twelve possible spots, only two openings remain. Every year, God assembles a great group of people to serve with me, and this year is shaping up to be no exception.

Alright, time for bed. Just spent the last couple hours finishing my Red Cross instructor recertification online. Nice to get that done and off my rather long list of spring/summer to do’s.

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