Still there?

Consumed by the craziness of life, I remembered the other day that (1) I have a blog, and (2) it's been a LONG time since I've posted.


It's not that there's not a lot to write about. To the contrary, I've had plenty of potential topics pass through my noggin over the past several months, but none of them have made it to the site.

Maybe that's a good thing? A bit healthy?

As I think about it, I think I'm ok with the fact that I don't feel compelled to share every significant experience or deep thought that gives me pause. In September, I walked Olivia to school for her first day of first grade. No pictures, no penning my thoughts. Just me & my princess sharing 30 minutes together. Sometimes it's ok to say, “it's mine.”

But… I also recognize the value in having this blog as a personal outlet, not to mention the privilege it is to have you the reader give of your time to read my posts.

Here's to balance 🙂


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